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Forgotten Promises by molicalynden Forgotten Promises by molicalynden
Estimated Creation: 2003
Reference: none that I know of
Medium: hand drawn, all colour and effects in Photoshop

I still really like this one. I know that there are some issues with proportions and stuff, but there's a lot of emotion behind this one. Also, I think all the elements of the colouring came together really well, however clichéd they may be.

My parents went through a really long and drawn-out divorce that lasted pretty much the entire time I was in high school. My mother had custody of my sister and me, even though she was mentally unstable. My sister and I became pawns that she used to try and manipulate my father. My mother broke every single one of her promises and worked extra hard to make sure my father's promises were sabotaged.

For a very long time, I felt like an orphan. I felt like little more than a bargaining chip and a means for my mother to make money and gain attention. And my relationship with my father had been twisted, manipulated, and broken down into almost nothing by my mother. I felt like I was cold, wet, and alone in the middle of a rainstorm.

That's where this piece comes from, and probably why is still has so much value to me. The man who became my husband came into my life very soon after I made this picture and he brought me in out of the rain.

I still don't like promises, though.
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August 24, 2012
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